CTI Industries, Inc., a division of Rocore specializes in steam condenser repair and heat exchanger repair. In 1976, CTI developed a tube repair technique that today is recognized as the most widely used cost-effective system in the world. The thin-walled tube insert, the CTI Shield/Sealstm, propelled our success in offering cost-effective solutions for equipment life extension.  

CTI offers two basic types of sleeving for the repair of condensers and heat exchangers.  Besides condensers, these patented tube repair techniques have successfully been applied to a wide variety of exchangers - fin-fan air coolers, process shell-and-tube exchangers, hydrogen coolers, HP feedwater heaters and many more.

For those units suffering from inlet-end erosion, Stress Corrosion Cracking, crevice corrosion or any problems related to the tube-ends, CTI offers its most cost-effective tube repair, the CTI Shield/Seal™, also known as a tube insert or ferrule.  Although Shields are typically only 6" - 12" long, some applications have required Shield lengths up to 14 feet!

Unfortunately, some exchangers suffer from full-length problems. In this case, CTI Full Length Tube Liners™ can be a very attractive alternative to a partial or full re-tube.

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