Oil & Gas

Rocore has extensive experience and the right product portfolio for applications on land drilling systems, as well as off-shore.  Rocore also offers a Shell & Tube product portfolio for these demanding duty cycle applications.


Rocore has the experience and the product portfolio to assist with heavy duty cooling requirements both on and off-shore. Our Cube™ Cooling package has been custom designed for optimal application performance for Fracking requirements. Our Cube™ model addresses any of the challenges for long-term Frapping applications, including packaging and fin clean-off.

Oil & Gas Downstream
Rocore's CTI Group Tube Liners to extend heat exchanger life in Refinery applications

Oil & Gas Upstream
Rocore Cube™ Cooler for Hydraulic Fracturing Rig cooling application


Rocore has a comprehensive product portfolio to support refinery cooling requirements. Our CTI Industries Business Group division has the product and tube restoration service capabilities to extend heat exchange performance life in this very corrosive, and demanding safety environments.  CTI’s tube repair technique is recognized as the most widely used and cost- effective system for heat exchanger repair.  These techniques and services apply to the petroleum industry and are in place in over 45 countries throughout the world. 


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