For the most demanding industrial applications, Rocore delivers heavy-duty aftermarket products that stand up to the toughest operating conditions.  With Rocore’s experienced engineering resources and manufacturing capabilities we can provide standard or custom designed products.  Best of all, our aftermarket products are all back by our engineering and application expertise.  These aftermarket products include the following:

Copper/brass cores & complete radiators: Over 8,000 designs on record and the ability to customize as needed

Aluminum (tube & fin):  Standard and custom designed charge air coolers and oil coolers, backed by engineering and application knowledge.

Shell & Tube: Water to oil coolers for On & off highway and industrial applications.


We have established agents, partners, and distributors strategically located around the country to service your needs. 

Rocore Aluminum Charge-Air-Coolers for Heavy Duty Aftermarket applications


Our Aftermarket Agents and Distributors







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